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Shigra bags are made from the leaves of the cabuya plant that are cut, dried and woven (see under IMPACT for picture). It is hard work because the plant’s leaves are very rough and wiry. It then takes about 8 to 10 days to make a bag.
The 4 straps can be knot at the desired length.

100% natural cabuya fibre
+/-20 cm diameter, 23 cm high.

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In the shadow of Ecuador’s Imbabura volcano in the small hillside village of Peguche, in the north of Ecuador, fine weaving traditions pass from generation to generation. People here have been weavers since pre-Incan times. In colonial days, their skills resulted in many of them being forced into "obrejas" (textile workshops), creating a textile trade that continues freely today.

Your small purchase has a big economic impact. You’re supporting fair wages for the artisans and their families. It allows the producers to remain independent and helps them to educate their children. When you support an independent, family-run business, you’re keeping both the past and the future alive.