Why craftmanship in fashion is a good thing for (all) women

Let us reflect on the role of crafts in the lives of women around the world. Next time you contemplate a purchase from an artisan or creative community, consider the following points : The act of making beautiful objects with our hands is a sacred act that women have been engaged in since practically the […]

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The Mariposa Dominican Republic Foundation

25 years ago Patricia Thorndike married into a Dominican family that lived in extreme poverty. Several family members had lost their lives to diseases that money and access to proper health care could have cured. She saw her husband’s family home taken away by a hurricane. Since that time she has been passionate about alleviating […]

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Can we change the world by shoppping ?

In De Standaard of 14 May 2016 the Dutch philosopher Wouter Mensink was interviewed on fairtrade and the fact whether buying fairtrade can make a change. Mensink himself is the prototype of the conscious consumer, but he doubts that conscious buying will improve the world. “In the Netherlands only 5% of the people buy sustainable […]

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