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Fine knit baby hat in pure cotton.
For babies from 3 to 12 months, our model Alix is 2 months old.

Weight N/A

Pink, White

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DIA stands for Desarrollo Integral del Adolescente (“Complete development of Adolescents”) and is an organisation that is part of Solid Peru, a organisation with Belgian roots. In 2009 research was done into the risk situations of teenage girls in the town of Ayacucho. It was concluded that teenage girls run a great risk of becoming victims of sexual and/or psychological violence and to become pregnant at a very young age. As there was no organisation in Ayacucho to deal with the consequences of these issues, DIA was founded in March 2010.

Five programs were set up to support the girls according to their needs:
- EMMA: An intensive suport program for teenage mothers
- CAR: Crisis support for girls who are the victim of violence or young mothers in crisis situations
- Supported independent living: support girls to live independently and become self dependent
- “La Guardería”: a day care center. Here the young mothers can leave their children during the day in return for a small contribution so that they have the opportunity to go to school or to work.
- CDA: Centro de Desarrollo de Adolescentes: Prevention project with the objective to break taboos by organising workshops in schools to inform teenagers about safe sex, contraception and partner violence. We want to adress taboo subjects to enable young women to make their own choices and to empower them.

Within these programmes DIA started a knitting workshop where teenage girls can learn to knit and receive a fair wage for their work.

Over the last years 150 teenage girls were supported by the DIA initiatives.