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Who also hates frozen feet while watching your kids play football or hockey ? Or in your ski- or snowboots ?
This is the perfect solution ! You will be walking on clouds and your feet -and you- will be happy. Far cheaper and hipper than Uggs and you can use them in all your shoes.
No size issues : just trim down to fit your size.
Handmade in Chile. Meet the women artisans under IMPACT.

100% sheep’s wool
Washable in the machine at 30°

1. ANTIPERSPIRANT : Wool absorbs up to 30% of its weight on humidity before feeling wet.
2. INSULATING : Use leather as a natural isolation for your feet
3. THERMOREGULATOR : Cool in summer and warm in winter
4. ANTIBACTERIAL : Sheep wool is 100% protein. This is why it creates an unflattering environment for bacterial development

Sizes : from 18 to 46

Size baby : 18 to 23 (UK 2.5-6.5)
Size kid : 24 to 33 (UK 7-1)
Size adult : 34-39 (UK 2-7)
Size adult+ : 40-45 (UK 8-10.5)

Weight 10 kg

Baby 18-23, Kid 24-33, adult 34-39, adult 40-45

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Urban Austral was born in March 2016, in the city of Coyhaique as a project that seeks to generate functional products that take full advantage of lamb leather qualities and at the same time are handmade in Aysén. Taking advantage of the food industry waste and at the same time rescueing local crafts and take a piece of Patagonia to the rest of Chile and the world. Lamb leather. Why? Lamb is very rooted in the local Patagonian culture and therefore something that characterizes our region. However, the vast majority of leather ends up being discarded or burned because currently there is no capacity to work it, tan it or take advantage of this incredible material. Knowing this reality was what gave rise to Urban Austral because we believe that it is unacceptable that such material is wasted and that at the same time, in other parts of the world, new materials are made that generate a great environmental and social impact. Where possible, we work with local leather, but as this issue is not very developed at the regional level, we also work with leather from the Los Lagos Region. Our big dream is to make a tannery in Aysén, in order to take advantage of all the leather we have here, efficiently and responsibly. 100% handmade and local production. All our products are handmade in the Region of Aysén. We believe that when things are handmade one by one, it has a special value and makes each product unique. We seek to demonstrate that we do not need great technologies to generate quality products but that the wealth is in manual work. One of the objectives of Urban Austral since its inception has been to take advantage of the local artisan talent that exists but often doesn't know how to reach customers beyond their own locality or that depends on the tourists. This is how we met the artisans of Villa Cerro Castillo. We currently work with 5 artisans who handmade our 100% natural wool felted insoles. We are a 100% feminine company. We believe that we can all do something to make the world a better place, these are our choices : - WE CHOOSE to make our products from up-cycled leather because we can't stand that this great material is going to the garbage. - WE CHOOSE to work with local people because we believe that every product must be made with love and care and that people that make them must have good work conditions and salaries. According to Fair Wage Guide, our artisans are paid 78% above Fair Wage Minimum. - In November 2017, WE CHOSE to go a little further and donate some of our income. We believe we live in the most beautiful place in the world, we decided to donate to  REFORESTEMOS PATAGONIA (reforest Patagonia). This way we contribute to taking care of our own region and give the world one tree at a time. Our goal is to create a company that is good for people and environment. Meet our artisans : NORA MAURERIA Nora lives at Villa Cerro Castillo and makes all kinds of things in wool. Also, she likes to work with clay and make iron paintings. In her free time, she loves to spend time in her garden. Taking care of her flowers and vegetables. "I love nature" she claims. Find more of her work at her house at Cerro Castillo, just ask the neighbors and they will show you the way! TATIANA  TRILLAO Tati lives at Villa Cerro Castillo and she is a single mom of a 10 year old boy. She works at the local radio and also makes felted wood designs and decorating objects. "I love flowers" Find more of her work at her Facebook profile: Tatiana Trillao Alarcon LUZ HARO Luz lives at Villa Cerro Castillo and throughout all her life, she has developed her love and expertise in many kinds of wool handcraft. She weaves to loom and mainly makes ponchos, skirts, socks, and berets. She also loves to work in her garden. Find more of her word at her Facebook profile: Luz Haro ASTRID MOURERIA Astrid lives at Cerro Castillo, a small village at Patagonia. She started learning the art of wool artisan recently making beautiful looms, caps, and headbands. She also has a greenhouse where she grows different kinds of vegetables. EDITH AGUILAR Edith lives with her family at Villa Cerro Castillo and loves many kinds of crafts; she works with wool, leather, and wood. She also loves to cook especially cakes and sushi. Find more of her work at her house at Cerro Castillo and at "Artesanía Manos Soñadoras"