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Crafted from lengths of golden grass, these dangle earrings with 3 small stones are crafted from golden grass. The fibers are held together with golden threads and hang from 18k gold plated brass posts.

See under IMPACT : what is golden grass ?

18 grams
6.2 cm L x 1.5 cm W

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Capim Dourado or Golden Grass is a grass-like species which grows in the region of Jalapão, state of Tocantins, Brazil. Its main characteristic is the bright and gold color, hence their common name "capim dourado", which literally means "golden grass".

The making of handicrafts from capim dourado began in Jalapão, in the Afro-Brazilian community. Indigenous people, probably from the Xerente ethnic group, taught the art to local inhabitants when passing through the region around the 1930s.

The handicrafts are made of coils of capim dourado scapes sewn tightly together with strips from the Moriche Palm's young leaves.

For decades the handicrafts were only made by women for household uses and/or sporadic selling. Today, there are at least 12 local community associations. The handicrafts are usually sold in small shops of local artisan associations.

These earrings are made by Cassia and Wagner and their four children who work with them in the crafting of golden grass jewelry. The couple also teaches young people in their community.
The protection of this biome is of extreme importance for artisans, as their livelihood depends on capim dourado, their prime material. Sales of golden grass are responsible for up to 40% of the area's economy.