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Black cotton canvas clutch decorated with embroidered satin circles and glass beads. It closes with a zipper.

Size : 9″L x 5″H
Strap appr. 5″

Material : cotton and satin

Weight 10 kg

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El Renacer Chalateco is composed of six workshops in La Palma and Chalatenango. It collectively employs a pool of over 250 artisans that produce a wide variety of crafts, including embroidered clothing, jewelry, hammocks, bags, and wooden crafts. It was created in 1995 after the peace accords were signed and markets were reopened. Artisans felt the need to open a store and work together so they could showcase all of their techniques as a group.
Their embroidery and weaving techniques come from their Mayan ancestors. Through their crafts, the women have helped provide health care, education and basic food for their families.

Global Girlfriend was founded by Stacey Edgar in 2003 to help women  gain economic security while providing unique products and a simple way to help women in need.
They offer a line of trend-setting, women-made, fair trade products including stylish apparel, accessories and gifts with one purpose : helping women in need to help themselves.
Global Girlfriend believes passionately that economic opportunity for women holds the promise for real change in the world; because when women have an income, they reinvest in themselves and in their children’s health, education and nutrition, building stronger families and communities over time.
  Many women try desperately to make a living selling their artisan-quality goods but find that they have little access to market opportunities.

Global Girlfriend believes in forming long-term partnerships that provide women a fair living wage with equal employment opportunities, healthy and safe working conditions, technical assistance and development strategies to foster prosperity and reduce poverty. 

In addition, every purchase helps support girls' education through GROW (Girls' Right to Opportunity Worldwide). Every dollar raised will provide a girl with one day of education at the primary or secondary level by providing uniforms, books, tuition, room and board, safe travel to school, and any number of other typical barriers