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A burlap bag with to provide plenty of space for school, a towel at the beach, or everyday toting needs.
The tote has a lining with two inner pockets and closes with a magnetic button.
The length of the shoulder strap can be adapted

Size : 16″L x 12″D x 4″W
Material : recycled coffee bag
Care : wash by hand and do not tumble dry

Weight 10 kg

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Within the community of Masatepe, Nicaragua, people expressed their desire to have a local coffee shop, to promote the culture of coffee within their community that has been producing coffee for decades, but seldomly enjoys the fruits of its own harvest.

A process known as Integrated Community Transformation was set up. Given the high level of economic oppression in Nicaragua, a business was chosen as a starting point. Not only did it provide jobs, products and services, but also the possibility of social change within the community.

Coffee is a very relational product, one that naturally brings people together for meetings and simply spending time together. A coffee shop in this town of 45,000 people has built tremendous amounts of relationships.

In Nicaragua, coffee is the #1 export commodity, and therefore coffee sacks are abundant. Thousands of sacks get printed at a time, with information such as the coffee company’s name and the lot information for the coffee that will go in them, but at the end there are inevitably unused sacks that are leftover. Since they have information printed on them for a specific lot, they can no longer be used for future shipments. These sacks, if left in storage, will mold and rot due to the humidity of the Nicaraguan climate. So most companies are forced to get rid of them.

As a natural consequence, the coffee shop grew into more than just serving and drinking coffee; creating sustainable accessories using the unlimited possiblities of coffee sacks has added jobs and income for the local people.