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Keep your hands warm with these hip, warm and soft mittens. Handy, you can take off the fingers without having to take off the gloves, for example if you want to lock your bike.
Handknit by Aymara and Quetchua women in the Andes.

Fits men’s and larger women’s hands.

83% acrylic
17% alpaca

Weight 1 kg

Blue, dark brown, Grey, Kaki, light brown

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more colors”

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As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, we respect the rights of our artisans and ensure that they earn a sustainable wage for each product they produce. Our artisans work at their own pace in clean and safe knitting cooperatives within their community.

The majority of our knitters are Aymara or Quechua women who have years of knitting experience. Our knitting cooperatives are located in rural communities in the highlands of Peru and Bolivia. We work closely with the knitters in order to design and develop new products each year.

Because of your purchases, we are able to provide year-round employment for our artisans. Knitting for Andes Gifts allows them to provide for their families while working close to home.
Thank you for supporting fair trade through Andes Gifts.