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This fine vintage scarf is made of thin alpaca wool and open stitches. Look at the details, it is a piece of art. Soft, lightweight en made of 100% alpaca. The perfect accessory.

Measurements: 30″ L x 5′ W
A creation of Rebeca Mamami.


Aubergine, Jade, White

Caserita is a small organisation located in La Paz, Bolivia, with the principal objective of promoting Bolivia and the products of its artisans. The name caserita is typically Bolivian; it is an affectionate name given to people you buy from on a daily, routine basis, for example, the lady who sells bread every morning in the little store around the corner, the person who brings your newspaper or any other friendly, cordial vendor with whom you may have a commercial relationship and whom you treat with familiarity. Caserita picked this name since, besides disseminating Bolivian culture, they hope to have this type of relationship, of trust and familiarity, with our customers and suppliers. Caserita's story begins in 2003 when Giovana, a marketing engineer who is passionate about the Bolivian culture, and Pierre, a French computer engineer, decided to throw themselves into the venture. At first they showed a few products purchased on Sagárnaga Street (the La Paz artisan street) and little by little, thanks to the quality of products and service, they began to increase their customer base. Now Pierre works exclusively on the website and Gioviani maintains contact with the artisans (families, associations and independent craftspeople) with whom solid and enduring relationships have been established over time.Year after year, the product sales grow thanks to the artisans who propose new items, the customers' demand and the team which has been expanding its reach so that they offer not only products from the Andean region of Bolivia, but products from the valleys, southern part of the country, the tropics and Amazonian region that we have today. The purchase of each product brings you a little closer to knowing Bolivia, its art and raw materials (alpaca wool, llama wool, sheep wool, wood, leather, plants, etc).