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Sleeveless woven poncho with hood of superior quality. Warm, soft and lightweight. Closes with a button, has rounded tails and is 6 inches longer in the front than in the back. Can be worn on top of a jacket for extra softness and warmth. Very stylish and youthful.

Composition : 100% merino wool, coloured with natural dyes.

Weight 10 kg
Claudia, the owner of Texturable, makes artisan-made high quality clothing and accessories while a lot of attention goes to durability, the life cycle of products and the protection and conservation of our planet. All the pieces are hand made with Uruguyan wool and natural fibers. winter-image1-min The entire process from the sheep to the weaving is taken care of by Claudia and a group of local women, which guarantees a superior quality. The attention paid to the design and the dedication to the entire production process makes every piece of clothing unique. Most of the wool for the collection comes from Claudia’s grandparents’ farm, Las Moras, in the Cerro de las Cuentas in Cerro Largo, Uruguay. The sheep of Las Moras live in the field all year where they feed on natural grasses which makes the wool they produce organic. Claudia’s relationship to the animals and the environment is one of respect and cooperation. For Claudia and her workers the sheep represent renewable and sacred resources.
Pabla and Pola, two women from the Cerro, process the raw wool into the finished product : carding (steel fingers separate the wool), spinning (wool rovings are turned into yarn) and felting (entagle the wool so that it becomes stronger). Dyeing the wool is Claudia’s specialty. She works with plants and natural dyes like marcela (indigenous plant from the aster family), yerba mate (from which mate tea is made), indigo, cochineal (bug from which the natural dye carmine is derived). She also uses plant based aniline without heavy metals or chrome for the bright colours. Marita, Lucia and Claudia do the weaving and the knitting. Marita and Lucia are also women from the Cerro in whose families weaving is handed down through generations.  
Pabla, Pola, Marita and Lucia support their families with this job. “To me it is of the utmost importance that the end product not only reflects my personal aesthetics, but also an artisan ‘creation’ with respect for the environment and the community. This mix and exchange is essential to me”. Claudia Because each piece is made by hand from start to finish, it is clear that no piece is identical to another. “By using artisan techniques we make ‘sister products’ and not ‘twin products’”. These small variations must be honoured for what they are : a proof that the piece is completely made by hand especially for the owner.   winter-image6-min