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Add a little fun to your home with these cute and fun stuffed frogs. Each frog is hand-knit from 100% alpaca. Unique and silly, each chicken is sure to entertain adults and children alike.

Measurements: 3.5″ x 6″
Composition: alpaca sheep and acrylic blend yarn

Weight 10 kg

Manuela Ramos provides artisan jobs to women in Peru's rural areas in addition to campaigning for women’s sexual, reproductive, political, social, and economic rights. The money earned from artisan work is sometimes the only source of income for the women at Manuela Ramos, many of whom live without electricity. Their creative knit work also earns them great respect within their communities, and around the world. The organization gives Peruvian women an opportunity to leave the domestic sphere and “build a relationship with the world,” so that they can realize their full potential and exercise their rights as women.

"Before, artisan crafts were not valued as income-generating work. Today, for me, it is a job which permits me to send my four daughters to school and pay the home expenses; now I am very happy because I am not a cattle herder working for others, I am a woman artisan in charge of quality control and teaching the members to ensure production quality. ”
— Señora Isabel